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Handyman Medic offers professional repair and handyman service to your home. We welcome all types of home improvement needs such as electrical, plumbing, painting, gutter cleaning and much more! Our rates are competitively priced so make a list of all the repairs you need and we can complete them at the same time. We provide all of our services to Frederick and Washington Counties in Maryland - give us a call for a detailed free estimate today!

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    Do you need to find a reliable handyman, contractor, or remodeler you can trust? Got a long to-do list or maybe just an odd job?
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    Home Repair

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    Does your home need a fresh look? Let us give it a wash. Power washing the exterior of your home is a great way to
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    Pressure Washing

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    Need to get rid of something?  Give us a call.  We can take of care of any kind of trash removal. We offers full-service junk
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    Junk Removal

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    It's time to start that landscaping project you've been dreaming about. We offer outdoor maintenance and recreation for our customers with satisfaction guaranteed.  Choose from
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    Need your gutters cleaned out? We would be happy to help you out. Cleaning gutters is essential for the maintenance and protection of your home.
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    Gutter Cleaning

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    Handyman Medic provides skilled and experienced professionals to perform a variety of fencing and gates services for your home. Choose from our list of tasks
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    Fencing and Gates

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    We provide residential electrical service in the Frederick, Maryland area. At Handyman Medic we have the ability and desire to service your electrical needs. Our
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    We paint indoors and outdoors, making sure to paint areas to the customers specification and leave no mess behind. We provide excellent service in: Interior
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    Broken pipes or leaky faucet? From drain garbage disposal to dishwasher repairs, Handyman Medic is here for you. We offer professional plumbing services and all
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